Our Gear

Okay, so something you should definitely know about Richard and I: we’re gear-heads. We like stuff that does stuff. We’re both full-on techno gear-heads, but Richard is also a tool guy. So below is a list of stuff we really like, stuff we want to get, or stuff we’ve bought while on the road.

Tools and Too Accessories

Tool Accessories? What’s that? Something that helps you use a tool, duh. I guess I’m the ultimate tool accessory, because when Richard is working on a project, I totally got that large handled parallel cutters. But seriously, the first item on this list is an example of what I consider ‘tool accessories.’ Tools are self explanatory. I hope.

  • Werner Multi-Purpose LadderThis thing is totally cool, and usually goes for a better price than the Little Giant Ladder, a similar product. I affectionately call it ‘Optimus Prime’ because it’s a ladder transformer. So you say it doesn’t change into a life-on-Earth-preserving robot? Pffttt. It transforms from a step ladder to an extension ladder to two ladders to scaffolding. It’s 17′, making it perfect for reaching all those jobs on the coach which even if you jump really, really far, you have no hope of reaching without help.