Even though we totally love our Scepter just the way she is, everyone needs a little upgrade now and then. Below are links to the various projects we’ve attempted while we see the country.

Emergency Projects

Here are projects we undertook when something went a little bit wrong. Or horribly wrong. Or oh my gosh this needs to be fixed now, Now, NOW kind of wrong. (Also see tag ‘wtf’).

The Slide

Links to the blog entries detailing the fix of the living room slide, beginning November 1st. On October 31st (the day before we left our summer 2015 work camping site of Big Rock, IL) the slide broke. Or more precisely, one of the Carefree Omega Series arms bent. Here’s how we fixed it.

The Cabinet Over the Kitchen Sink

As an effect of the living room slide issue, the cabinet over the kitchen sink slid (more) downwards and towards the range. Here’s how we won the battle with the displaced cabinet.