Fall is upon us as another season comes to a close.


The days of summer seem to be gone now. The temperatures have changed once again. The leaves are starting to change colors. Farmers are picking corn and beans hoping for a good plentiful harvest. Last fall when arriving in Texas, seeing green corn was weird in December. Not that it should be but it just was to me being from Illinois where the corn has long been harvested by then.  It truly amazes me how fast the summer sped by again. We gain knowledge over the years but time just keeps gaining speed so it seems.


As I reflect of this camping season, so many things have changed. I did enjoy seeing the campers which I enjoyed visiting with last year. I did miss the ones who never came to camp this year. I do wonder what happened to them? Did they move or did something change in their life that camping was no longer a priority or perhaps ……

Now we come into the Columbus day weekend, the last hurrah for most. They come to camp and then winterize their units. I feel sorry in a way for them because they only have snow along with the coldness of mother winter to look forward to now. With the brief glimpse of spring way on the horizon. When they can get out again to enjoy the wonderfulness of camping again.  While they are planning their weekend and returning the camper into a sleeping mode. I am trip planning and scoping out new campgrounds to explore. The thought of warm weather and another enjoyable winter without the threat of snow and the coldness that Illinois bring upon us during the season called winter. I am thankful for the lifestyle I have chosen.

As the time winds down to I leave IL the project list is still long. I guess it’s time to re-prioritize the list. I know what has to be done and I know what I want to be done.  I realize that some projects will get pushed to the bottom of the list. I am okay with that.  I am looking forward to my yearly visit with friends. Friends and family are important even tho sometimes we just take that for granted.

It is a cloudy gloomy day which has been filled with rain. I am expecting a delivery from UPS with some of the things needed for projects. Chloe is asleep on her usual place the couch.

Reflection is good sometimes, it helps us remember what is important in life.

So there we have it! Another day closer to wrapping up another season in the campground.

Take care and have a great day!





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